Ways to Combine Audiences across Facebook & AdWords

Ways to Combine Audiences across Facebook & AdWords

Both facebook and google adwords offer great and easiest way to promote businesses online providing basic and advanced level of targeting to users.

One of the greatest strength of google adwords lies in the ability to combine advance audience insights and provide enhanced keywords targeting. On the other hand, facebook is the top company when it comes to the demographic information, they provide advertisers as a part of their main targeting option.

This post will contain all the ways you can transfer your top performing audiences from facebook over to adwords as RSLA’s. These tactics and tips can help you improve targeting and will help you leverage maximum return on a single ad spent.

Power of facebook audience targeting

Facebook fan base is like a long tunnel with no end. In the 4th quarter of 2017 facebook reported over 2.13 billion active users, which is almost ¾ th population of the world.

The targeting options facebook provide is huge and can be divided into three parts.

  • Core audience
  • Custom audience
  • Lookalike audience

Core audience

These are facebook’s base target option for advertisers and companies. The options include are demographics, locations, interests and behavioral targeting.

Custom audience

It refers to audience created through existing website and audience data. These audiences can be created via Facebook Pixel (website tracking code) or by importing your own contact lists.

Lookalike audiences

It enable advertisers to find people who share similar characteristics (job titles, page likes/follows, demographics) to their existing customers. Much like Google’s similar audience feature, which is a great option for expanding reach if you’re maxing out the reach of your existing customer lists.

The real power of Facebook, however, lies in the pure volume of their user base and the information they have available on those users.

Combining Search & Social Audiences

Layering social audience information on search campaigns can be an extremely effective method of improving the performance of your search campaigns.

By priming users with messaging on social networks you can show them high quality and relevant ads when those users search for a keyword on google.

How to Transfer Facebook Audiences to AdWords

Many of the tactics combined in this post is related to transferring data to google adwords form facebook. All you need to do in order to capture this data is ensure you’re using unique UTM tags in each ad set of your Facebook campaigns.

The more specific you are with your UTMs, the more granular you’ll be able to get with your audience segmentation.

Once you start generating traffic through these UTM tagged URLs, you’ll be able to segment this traffic in Google Analytics’ audience builder.

One thing to bear in mind is that any audience list you create must contain a minimum of 1,000 users to be eligible for use on the Google search network.

B2B targeting

One tactic that has been very helpful recently is targeting job title data to filter out B2B decision makers on facebook.

To do this, you need to:

  • Create an awareness campaign on Facebook.
  • Target demographics > Job Titles > filter out the titles of key decision-makers in your industry.
  • Tag the campaign using unique UTM tags so you can segment the traffic in GA.
  • Create a new audience definition in Google Analytics by filtering out this traffic using the campaign UTMs you applied on Facebook.
  • Apply this audience list as target and bid on your Google AdWords search campaigns to ensure only the decision-makers who have been reached by your ad on Facebook see the ad.


This tactic ensures that the clicks you pay for on AdWords are targeted at B2B decision-makers, handy for advertisers who want to congest the most out of a smaller budget.

While this will clearly limit reach for smaller publicists, it will safeguard that any budget spent is only being used to target capable leads based on the demographic info collected from Facebook.


Use Gmail Ads & Facebook Ads Together

Both Google and Facebook allow advertisers to upload customer data and run ad campaigns at these users when they’re logged into Gmail (using Gmail Ads) or Facebook.

To maximize the return across both networks you should be smart about how you set up the targeting on your GSP and Facebook campaigns.

If you’re running the same campaign across Gmail and Facebook, you should create two Facebook Ad sets and set higher bids in the ad set for people on your mailing list who are Gmail users.

This tactic is an effective way of maximizing your budget on Facebook and ensuring more of your budget is used on the audience you know has likely been primed by your message already.

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