Video production tips for a quick turnaround

Video production tips for a quick turnaround

Video production can sometimes be really stressful when clients need a quick change. A video editor will not always have the lavishness of a two to three-week turnaround for a final product, and will sometimes have a mere two to three days to get the job done.

Three of these tips can be done in pre-production to make your changeover into the shoot and edit smooth and easy!

  1. Know the premise
  2. Study the script
  3. Get your assets in order
  4. Timecode and take notes
  5. Put it all together

Know the Premise

Every client has the clear vision of what he wants in his video and the video editor’s job is to make that idea into reality. If the editor has not understand anything, he should ask directly and in a clear way. This will avoid future misunderstandings and revisions. By asking questions, the scope and understanding of project will be cleared.


Study the script

A script is always a useful tool, but during a quick turnaround for an edit, it will be your best friend! Studying the script, a day or two before the shoot will help you to shape your edit.

Get all assets in order!

Before the production of the video try to gather all the material that could need from your client in order to make the video. The assets can be like photos, logos, concept images, png etc.

Timecode and Take Notes

Being an editor on-set is an opportunity to make your pre-cut. Watching a timecoded monitor with the script-in-hand allows you to jot down notes and timecodes that will ultimately become your rough cut.

Pulling it all Together

A good editor know the premise, he should have studied the script, graphics are made, and the music bed is picked out. Now it’s time to put it all together.

Hopefully, these five tips will help any editor to quickly turn around the projects with super-tight deadlines, and help to make producing your other projects more enjoyable!


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