Top Three Tools to Test Page Speed Comprehensively

Top Three Tools to Test Page Speed Comprehensively

Experts have been focusing on the website’s page speed since long now and it is now proved that the faster a website loads, the better it ranks on google. In this guide, I will share three top resources to check and analyze website’s page speed thoroughly..

Along with search rankings, website’s page load timings impact on the user’s journey and experience directly. Fast loading websites observe 10x more signups, conversions and traffic as compared to the slow loading websites which contribute in the ranking factor of google also.

Checking the speed of the website is somewhat easy and can be done by the use of various tools however most of them are paid tools and it is after the subscription that they provide a comprehensive report. In this guide, you will be able to find out about the free tools using which you can analyze your website’s speed and get it optimized through your developers.

Page Speed Testing Tools:

  1. Pingdom
    Pingdom offers cost-effective and reliable uptime and performance monitoring for your websites. We use more than 70 global polling locations to test and verify our customers’ sites 24/7, all year long. With Pingdom you can monitor your website’s uptime, performance, and interactions for a better end-user-experience. Your customers will thank you.Through Pingdom, you will need to enter your website’s URL along with the location and leave the rest on the pingdom tool:

  2. Google PageSpeed InsightsThis is a technical tool from Google. It analyzes your website thoroughly and check for the optimization required:

  3. Google Mobile Test
    Now, this tool is very essential because all the websites in today’s time need to be mobile-first and mobile optimized websites rank well on search engines:

    Scrolling down the page, you can get a comparison with other sites in your industry and some suggestions for a fix. You can also request a report that provides detailed advice on what you can fix to speed things up.

    By looking at the output of these three tools, you can get a more well-rounded understanding of how your site performs and what you can do to speed things up. This could require technical optimization, reduction of file sizes, better hosting, or most often a combination of all the above. Then you can test and test again.

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