Top reasons why Facebook marketing is important for your business

Top reasons why Facebook marketing is important for your business

Social media marketing is one of the key areas where businesses need to perform well in order to stay relevant in today’s time.

Not every social media channel has the same level of importance and therefore it is essential to understand which medium suits the needs of your business the most.

While choosing the right social media platform your business, you need to ask the following questions to yourself:

  1. Is this the channel being used by my target audience?
  2. What my TA does on this channel?
  3. How can I interact with them?
  4. Is this the right medium to promote / talk about my products or services?

Now, answers to the above mentioned questions can help you understand which social media channel is most relevant for your business type. In this guide, I will share about the top 3 reasons why facebook as a social media platform can be beneficial for your business:

1.Increase Brand Awareness & Audience:

Facebook, is the largest social media platform in today’s time. Not only, it is used by people of all age groups but also, provides deep level of segmentation to help you target your users on the basis of their demographics, interests and behavior. Facebook, keeps updating its algorithm to make user experience better and this is why it can help you reach out to the people looking for your services in more accurate way as compared to the other social media platforms.

Through facebook, you can create your company’s page and post content related to the products or services. Audience react positively to the content which is meaningful and provide value. It can be entertaining as well as educational. As long as it engages your audience, they will not just react (like, love, anger, wow, etc.) to it but also share it with their friends and family.

Quality content can increase your brand’s awareness and can help people trust your brand more. Mix of paid and organic content can do wonders in long run.

2. Drive Sales & Generate Revenue:

What makes Facebook so valuable is how it can help businesses generate revenues without spending much. In today’s time, users look for facebook reviews and ratings more than the 3rd party websites. Sales can be increased by not just targeting the relevant audience through facebook ads but also from different groups and pages where users post reviews and feedback.

An updated business page can make users stay connected to the page and also respond to it as soon as there is a new update. This way, businesses can receive pre-orders and also, notify their users whenever any product is released. It is an effective way of keeping the ROI to the maximum without spending too much on the ads.

Another key reason difference between facebook and other channels is that the customer retention is more on facebook i.e. if you run a campaign and target your relevance audience and let’s assume they have never heard of you before. Not only they might purchase your product but also like your page for any future updates resulting in a lifelong customer and you will not need to spend any money to show them organic content in future.

3.Connect with your audience instantly:

Social media channels have bridged the gap between consumers and the companies. Facebook provides a clean and easy to understand interface through which you can respond back to your customer’s queries in the quickest manner. It shows response timings to your customers which can build confidence and credibility.

Unlike other channels, you can simply add up your customer services’ team for the specific part where they can respond to the queries without giving them admin rights to post any content on page. This is essential for businesses where customer service team is working in parallel with community management team.

Users can easily share images or other files and don’t need to send an email to the business separately. This is an amazing way of connecting with your audience. Facebook has added the feature of adding a messenger bot to your facebook page which can help you respond quicker.

Messenger bots, purely human-driven Messenger conversations, and Facebook groups provide a lot of new opportunities in the way of talking to customers and solving their problems.

With your audience already there, and their advertising capabilities making things easier each year, the sooner you start building out and optimizing a Facebook funnel the better.


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