The Most Popular and Effective Uses of Video Marketing

The Most Popular and Effective Uses of Video Marketing

A custom video is a great tool to help businesses and brands achieve their short- and long-term business objectives. Whether your objective is to drive traffic, leads, or showcase a radiant testimonial, video is one of the firmest and most attractive ways you can possibly interact with your customers, like a face-to-face conversation.

There are many uses and advantages of video marketing, we at Eyecon Advertising which is a video production service and company provides great tips and value to our beloved and respected clients. Here are some of the uses we are mentioning. Have a look.

Product videos

Product-centric videos focuses on new products which are soon yet to release or just released, where you have the deep ability to “show and entertain.” Use a product video to explain your product in an easy way that builds passion, features the advantages and demonstrates how the item works. Show in your video that how the product can intend to make the customer’s life better and easier. Inspire viewers by painting a perfect picture of a certain lifestyle and showing how your product can serve as the perfect accessory.

Corporate videos

The key to a great corporate video are the people which are targeted and adressed. The video should show the company in action and how the company came to be. Use your businesses’ profile video on your website’s home page, so that new users can quickly understand your brand, your dream and how you can assist them. A corporate video may also be used to find the best talent on LinkedIn or other social networks, and to motivate investors and allies to seek you out.


TV commercials

Whether international or local, television is still king when it comes to getting a message out to the crowd. Even in a short, 30-second spot, there’s a lot of room to trial with and start the creative expression of your brand — use a “slice of life” scene format, a problem-solution approach, an informative spokesperson, etc., while presenting a well-crafted image. Apply targeted local advertisements to reach your local loyal customers, or nationwide ads to grow your brand. If your spot is strong enough and supported with a smart media buy, it could put your business or product on the map and in front of people.

Mobile App videos

With an arrival of mobile applications hitting the Android and iPhone app stores on a daily basis, this side is extremely useful. Separate your company from other companies with an app video that displays its unique features and drive potential users, even before the app hits the market.

Since app customers are uncertain to download an app without fully knowing what it does and how it works, a quick app video can go far to explain all the particulars to an interested party. Excite your spectators and show off the key features that make your app special to drive downloads.

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