How to find best Keywords for your Business? (Guide with Photos)

How to find best Keywords for your Business? (Guide with Photos)

Amazing, you have written all the content and designed the website beautifully. Now, you must be thinking, what’s next? How my audience will find out about my business? How do I reach to them? The answer is simple: through Keywords.

This is where the tricky and most important work starts i.e. Keywords Optimization. It is the bridge that connects you with your users. An optimized content with relevant keywords can make the different between a convert-into-lead website or a website with no leads.

Why keywords are necessary?
1. To help prospects (leads) find out your website & understand what your business offers

2. To help website crawlers (search engines) index and crawl your website and rank your keywords


Here in this guide, I will tell you some of the ways and tools through which you can optimize your keywords easily:

  1. Keyword Tool (


















2. Google’s Autocomplete :


3. Buzzsumo:

4. Google Trends:

5. SEMRush Tool:

6. Use Moz Tool Score:

7. Keywords Listing:


Remember, always consider about what your audience would want:

Age, education level or job title can influence the kind of language people might use.

  • Is your target audience likely to use slang?
  • Could the location of your audience affect the spelling of certain words?
  • Would a customer in their 50’s word something differently to someone in their teens?

These are questions you should be asking when devising your keyword strategy.

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