5 Rules for Successful SEO through Video Marketing

5 Rules for Successful SEO through Video Marketing

In today’s world, video is the most powerful way of promoting the content.
No matter, which social media your company use, videos are given preference over the static-textual content and considered priority over images even.
Earlier, it was only YouTube which had the video facility but now from facebook to instagram, people want to watch and share videos.
For any business to remain in today’s competition, needs to adapt the video marketing strategy to get on top of the SEO game.  In this article, I will share top 5 rules through which you can make your SEO stand out :

1.Define your goals:

It is important to define and set the target of what and how you want your audience to interact with the video. Is the video going to tell your users about your products / service offering or is it about the business only?. Having a defined goal of the video will help you target the right audience. If a video’s primary purpose is to generate sales then you will need to share the call-to-action functionality. If the video’s purpose is to let users know about your brand then make sure you engage them properly.

2.Mobile Experience:

Almost 85% of the users prefer using social media through mobile devices therefore it is very important to keep the mobile experience in mind. A good engaging video should be able to play smoothly on the mobile devices across all channels and users should also be able to share it with their friends or family easily. On YouTube, if you are watching a video, it gives you option to watch it later, share it on other platforms or simply download it to watch offline. These options help the users and enhance their watching experience.

3.Share across social media channels:

These days, users are on multiple social media channels and it is important for the brand to share the content across all channels to maximize tractions. It is also important to take care of the fact how each social media channel displays the video. For example: On instagram, users can view videos up to 1 minute only whereas on facebook, twitter & youtube there are no such restrictions. An incomplete video can create bad impression which is why it is important to adapt the video according to the guidelines of that particular channel.

4.Engaging Thumbnail & Content:

Maximum people click on the video because of its thumbnail image or the title. Both of these create curiosity among users and they are likely to watch the video if they find the thumbnail engaging. This is also important to consider that the thumbnail matches with the content of the video and you aren’t using it for the sake of clicks only. As it can create bad impression resulting in negative comments or dislikes. Another key factor is the duration of the video, make sure the video is not too long for users to get bored. An effective video keeps the user engaged till the end and people are most likely to watch it again if they find it entertaining. The perfect length video with engaging content can make your users subscribe to your channel or page instantly and they are likely to wait for your next content.

5.Encourage Engagement:

No matter how good a content is, if there are no engagement of any sort such as likes, shares, downloads, views etc. then it is of no use. A good engaging and perfect length video takes good amount of time to be developed. There is good amount of efforts involved in creating and planning the video. It is important to get the mileage so that the team remains motivated and also it reaches out to the maximum users. It is important to mention, what you expect your users to do if they like the video. This will help you get the engagement if a user finds it entertaining, after all they are watching the video for free.

Remember: Don’t lost the focus:

While all these practices are well and good for essential video optimization techniques, it is important to not get so caught up in the nitty gritty of tags, titles, etc. that you lose focus on your actual goal and what the primary purpose of the video is.

A video can have an optimized title, tags, a video sitemap, an apt thumbnail, and whatnot.

But if your video doesn’t entertain, educate, or help a user, is it really a success?

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