5 Questions to Ask Before Designing a New Landing Page for your Ad Campaign

5 Questions to Ask Before Designing a New Landing Page for your Ad Campaign

Starting a new campaign? You must ask these questions before you build one as you don’t want to get into any issues between the campaign..

What is a Landing Page?

Traditionally, it would be defined as: “a web page which serves as the entry point for a website or a particular section of a website.” However a landing page serves more than just-an-entry-point for a business. It defines what you are offering to your customers, what are the features and specifications, how can they avail it, what are the pricing, how can they reach out to you.

Remember, you are spending money to get people to this one page called Landing Page and if something is not right, not only you will waste the money but also that potential user will not come back again.

In this article, I’m going to tell you about 5 most important questions that you need to consider before giving brief to your front-end developer to build a landing page for your next campaign:

  1. Does my copy focus on things that matter to my customers?
    Having a clear copy and communication is essential for every landing page. From the top heading to the last line of the paragraph at the bottom, whole content should be tailor-made for the customers and should only focus on the things that are important.
  2. Is my CTA obvious and clear?
    Call-to-action (CTA) buttons are the most important aspect of a landing page because this is where your customers know what actions do they need to perform in order to get access to the services offered by your business. Make sure there are enough CTA buttons and they are visible enough. Most of the businesses don’t focus on the color scheme of their CTAs which end up being unclear hence users bounce off from the page immediately.
  3. Are there any distracting elements on the landing page?
    The main purpose of the landing page is to showcase the services / products offered by a business and having any unnecessary elements such as tutorial video which may not directly tell about the product or having too many texts about the company instead can result in unpleasant user experience. The best landing page is where a user is clear about what this business is offering and how they can contact them.
  4. Are all the forms field necessary and working properly?
    Don’t go overboard by adding too many unnecessary fields in the contact form (lead generation form); you don’t want your users to get confused or feel overwhelmed by the information they need to provide. It is recommended to have minimal forms with only necessary information required such as name, email address and phone number. Rest can be taken afterwards by contacting to the customer. Even though, this varies business to business however in most cases, getting these information would do. It is also important to make sure that all the forms are working correctly.
  5. Will this page make my customer feel like “This is for me”?
    At the end of the day, landing page is specifically designed for your potential users. Once landed, your customer should feel that they are talking to your sales representative through this page where they are getting all the relevant information. It should address all the relevant questions a customer can have related to your product offering, if the sign up is a complicated process then make sure you add necessary information to help them understand how they can register.With a landing page, you control who sees your page. Only people who match your targeting and are interested enough in your advertising message to click will see your landing page, so you can create an experience that is personalized to them.

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