3 Reasons You Should (Still) Use Infographics in Your Content Strategy

3 Reasons You Should (Still) Use Infographics in Your Content Strategy

Infographics was a hot thing back in 2012 when every marketer was using them in their content strategy and marketing. It was used so often that despite of its advantages, it turned out to be a negative aspect of content marketing.

In last couple of years (2016-2018), a lot of publishers have stopped accepting infographics because of the low quality content.

Despite the fact, infographics can still be useful if the format is used correctly with a right form of data. Since a lot of publishers aren’t using it like before, a high quality content driven infographics can standout and get you desired results. In this article, I will share the top 3 reasons which can help you decide why infographics can still be used in your strategy:

1.Visuals are processed better by humans

Visuals have always been preferred by audience and in today’s time, it is more than relevant. Almost every other social media channel focuses on visuals and high quality graphics therefore the use of infographics can help connecting with the audience easily. A high quality infographics can help understand complex and detailed data in a meaningful way as compared to the text of the same data.


2.Best way to tell your story

The main reason infographics were introduced was to tell the story in a simple & visual manner however it was abused by the marketers and instead of story-telling, it was primarily used for back linking purposes which killed the entire purpose of infographics.

It is a powerful tool if used wisely, for example: through infographics, you can tell the story about your brand, how it started, who it caters to, how your audiences can connect your business, including brand’s USP, product line and where it is located. All of this information, combined in one visual image i.e. infographics.

Imagine, telling the same information through text. You will lose your audience in between as nobody is interested in investing all of their time reading this much information.


3.They are linkable & Sharable

As mentioned above, infographics is a great tool for linking purpose.

Internet is full of content and all the publishers, magazines, editorials are always in need of some content to write articles about.

If an infographics is well prepared and contains useful data, a lot of these publishers will use it as a source of information and develop content out of it. This is particularly useful for the trending content, news or statistics.

Infographics may not be shared necessarily by those publishers however it will be used as a source of information and it is very likely to get websites back linked to it.

In today’s time, authors / editors don’t have to time to do research on every single article therefore a good content from an infographics can help them write an article related to it in quick time.


Infographics aren’t dead, they’ve just been misunderstood and misused for some time.

Bottom line: they’re still a fantastic format when used for the right purpose and can bring fantastic benefits as part of a wider content marketing strategy.

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