Why is Eyecon Advertising So Awesome?

You may have already figured out that we’re a full-service Dallas Advertising Agency, right? We’ve got a full studio, in-house production and every resource you need to market your business. That’s all great, but we know what you’re thinking…..with so many agencies out there…why these guys? Because we’re more than just an agency. We’re a team of driven, industry veterans that truly care. We have proven experience, a wealth of solutions to offer you, and we can’t wait to help YOUR company grow!

The Eyecon Advertising Crew with Derek Holland of the Texas Rangers

So, who are we? Funny you should ask, it’s an interesting story! Many years ago, Greg Coon (Managing Partner) and Jen Thomson Trotter (Creative Director) met at as freshmen at The University of North Texas. They lived in the same dorm and quickly became the best of friends….really, more like brother and sister! They grew up in their respective careers and worked together along the way. Greg pursued his dream of opening a video production house, and started Eyecon Video Productions, working with local and national companies like TGIFriday’s, Wingstop and Caltex Oil. Jen began her career doing on-camera and voiceover work, while working in PR and Marketing and gradually added makeup and styling, forming her company, Lip Service Makeup.
Meanwhile, Mark Thomas (President and Director of Sales) was a top performer in media sales for 25 years, working for CBS Radio, Clear Channel and others…but all the while he had a vision of opening his own agency to better serve clients. Mark and Greg met through random circumstances….then they found out that Mark’s girlfriend was none other than Greg’s college BFF, Jen! Through this lucky coincidence and lots of strategy sessions, a partnership was born, and Eyecon grew into the multi-faceted advertising agency that it is today…Eyecon Advertising. (For more on Mark, Greg and Jen, click here to read full bios!)

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We’re unique in so many ways, and not just because of how closely we’re connected to one another! Each of us has over 25 years of experience in our respective fields, so that means we’re experts at Video Production, Media, TV and Radio, Creative Content, Image Consulting/On-Camera Beauty, PR and Marketing. Between the three of us and support staff, we offer a well-rounded scope of experience rarely found in local agencies, coupled with extensive knowledge of all the latest resources available to effectively market your business.

Why is that so great for you….our client?

Eyecon Advertising offers what you really need….a modern approach to marketing and advertising using the latest resources, coupled with decades of proven experience and success. WE GET YOU. Just like so many of our clients, we didn’t grow up using social media and google AdWords either, but we’ve mastered it, and can help you integrate it into your marketing plan as well. We fully understand how the landscape of advertising and marketing has changed… and what’s needed to keep up. In a nutshell? We’re just as comfortable with old school, tried and true marketing techniques as we are with the latest technology and resources. It’s the best of both worlds and that’s a pretty cool combination!

“We’re just as comfortable with old school, tried and true marketing techniques as we are with the latest technology and resources. It’s the best of both worlds!”

Add to that our most recent offering… our essential E-Learning platform (learn more about the Eyecon Training Solution here), and we’ve got the perfect tools needed to promote your business. We’re a family, we really care about the success of each client, and we look forward to forming long term relationships with you as you grow….all while making the process easy and stress-free.

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We can create your ad campaign, develop creative strategies, shoot commercials in our state-of-the-art studio or on location, create an E-learning platform customized to your company, and so much more!! (For a full list of our capabilities, click here.)

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Besides the lowdown on who we are and what we offer, at EyeconAdvertising.com you’ll also find practical marketing tips, photos from commercial shoots and updates from our latest projects…all tied together with a healthy dose of FUN.
The internet is great, but we’d really love to meet you in person! How can you get the ball rolling? Click here to set up a free consultation and studio visit……and see for yourself why we’re awesome!

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